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POWERbreathe Breathing Training Products

Respiron is a flow-based lung trainer that has been designed to help restore normal breathing patterns, improve breathing generally and to help maintain lung function. It is fully adjustable allowing the level of difficulty to be increased or decreased, depending on your breathing strength.

Respiron strengthens and exercises the lung muscles by encouraging controlled, long, slow, deep and focused breathing which:

  •  Helps to maintain lung capacity and function after periods of inactivity
  • Encourages deep breathing, which can aid in relieving excess mucus
  • Help prevent bronchial and pulmonary diseases and infections
  • Exercises and strengthens your breathing muscles
  • Increases transpulmonary pressure and inspiratory volumes
  • Helps post surgical patients restore lung function after heart or lung surgery
  • Can be used as part of a Bronchial Hygiene Routine. (Clearance of excess mucus from the lungs)
  • Excellent for lowering stress levels

POWERbreathe Flowball

Flow-ball by POWERbreathe is a respiratory exercising device, designed to encourage a focused and steady breath which is particularly useful to those in Performing Arts where breath control is fundamental.

By targeting and challenging the breathing muscles using the Flowball you can increase the control and the stability of your exhaled airflow. This is beneficial for musicians and singers of all ages where sustained and controlled breathing is a requirement.

For those of you less musically talented, it is also a lot of fun and a great party game, perfectly combining breathing exercises and fun.

Ideas for Use:

  • Blow the ball into the air and hold it there for as long as possible.
  • Blow the ball into the air and catch it again with the blowing-pipe basket.
  • Blow the ball into the air as high as you can, spin round on the spot and catch the ball again.
  • Put a container on the table and at a distance you decide, blow the ball into the pot.

Simple Assembly required. Wash with soapy water after use and cleaning using approved Cleansing Tablets is recommended once a week.

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