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Electrical Stimulation Therapy

E-Stim or Electrical Stimulation Therapy is a breakthrough therapeutic intervention for use in teh treatment of dysphagia. It is a specialized form of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NEMS), specifically designed to treat dysphagia. NMES has a long-term track record in a wide variety of therapeutic and rehabilitative settings.

Cleared to market by the FDA in December 2002, E-Stim Therapy is a non-invasive external stimulation therapy that re-educates the throat muscled needed for swallowing. The device is portable, dual channel electrotherapy system that is used with electrodes specifically designed for application to the muscles of the throat to promote swallowing.

  • E-Stim Therapy is delivered using custom designed surface electrodes placed over the target swallowing muscles. The electrodes have been specifically designed to accomodate the anatomy of the neck and to perform to the specifications of the E-Stim Therapy protocol.
  • Dysphagia is traditionally treated by speech-language pathologists, whose main focus is prevention of aspiration and its complications.
  • Following the referral by a physician, E-Stim Therapy is typically administered by a clinician who has been certified in the use of the technique, based on a 2-week online learning curriculum followed by a 2-day onsite certification course. E-Stim Therapy can only be administered by those who have passed the certification process.
  • Patients frequently see dramatic improvement in six to twenty daily sessions.

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