Quick Tips for Increasing your Child’s Communication Skills: Ages 2-3

If you feel that your 2 to 3 year old’s communication skills are delayed, do not wait for your child to outgrow it.  Be proactive and talk with your Pediatrician.  In addition to contacting a Speech Language Pathologist, you can set aside 2-3 times a day to work on your child’s communication skills. Below are some ways you can work on your child’s communication in the home: Use clear, simple speech that is easy to imitate. Show your child that you are interested in what he or she says to you by repeating what he or she has said and expanding on it. For example, if your child says, “pretty flower,” you can respond by saying, “Yes, that is a pretty flower. The flower is bright red. It smells good too. Does Sam want to smell the flower?” Let your child know that what she or he has to say is important to you by asking him or her to repeat things that you do not completely understand. For example, “I know you want a block. Tell me again which block you want.” Expand on your child’s vocabulary. Introduce new vocabulary through reading books that have a simple sentence on each page. Talk about colors (e.g., “Sam’s hat is red.”) Practice counting. Count toes and fingers. Count steps as you go down them. Name objects and describe the picture on each page of the book. State synonyms for familiar words (e.g., mommy, woman, lady, grown-up, adult) and use this new vocabulary in sentences to help your child learn it in context. Put objects into a bucket and have your child remove one object at a time, saying its name. You repeat what your child says and expand upon it: “That is