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3 Reasons to Hire A Tutor Today

  For some Children and Adolescents, school has its ups and downs. Many enjoy the friendships and routine of participating in the daily ritual of academia. Others are carrying a heavy, invisible backpack full of emotions that would crush an adult on an everyday basis. An overwhelming, cumulative load of dread fills their mind as they start to equate their academic success (or lack thereof) with self-worth. In other words, I am not doing well in school, so I am not as good of a person as I can be. 1. GUILT- Many parents feel guilt for working or not spending “enough” time with their child. Whether your child is struggling or excelling, tutoring is meant to be a family support system to move your child forward out of stagnation. A tutor becomes part of your Family Team! It takes a village to raise a child! 2. SHAME- Children and Adolescents can carry the burden of shame for not learning concepts as quickly as their peers. Each time a child receives a lower grade, it is difficult to process the emotions. Embarrassment, regret, humiliation may be hard to shake off as they try yet again. Tutors can help to give them a fresh start with encouragement. Tutoring can be a game changer. 3. HOPELESSNESS-Over time, Children and Adolescents can feel sadness regarding the lower grades achieved given the serious effort of preparing for tests. No matter how much they prepare, they still are not able to reach their goal. No matter how much the parent helps, the child still falls short. Hopelessness and discouragement can creep in over time. After a while, a feeling of complacency fills the home and numbs all parties involved. A