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We're here to help you and your loved ones take control of your speech!

Clear communication builds a strong and healthy community.

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Orlando Speech Therapy Services for All Ages

Speech Therapy for Children

The first 3 years of life are the most intensive period for acquiring speech and language skills. These skills develop best in a world that is rich with sounds, sights, and consistent exposure to the speech and language of others.

Speech Therapy for Adults

Common speech difficulties in adults include apraxia, dysarthia, stuttering, and voice disorders. Speech therapy focuses on helping you understand words that are spoken to you, and the ability to use words to express yourself.


Speech Therapy for Seniors

The elderly suffer from a wide variety of difficulties that may impact their ability to communicate effectively. Diseases such as strokes, dementia, head injuries, etc. often cause problems with communication, behavior, and problem solving.

How Orlando Speech Therapy Can Help Your Family


Learn proper breath, mouth and jaw control. Practice allows you to make sure your voice is heard.  Strong breath leads to strong speech.


Students who have speak better perform better in the classroom, and well spoken adults are more likely to advance quickly in their career.


When we can communicate clearly with those around us, we are much more likely to establish trust and a strong rapport!


History’s most fondly remembered leaders all possessed the power of strong speech. Language is a powerful tool that you can use.

Our Mission
Provide quality speech therapy with a gentle touch to enhance the quality of life through the promotion of communication, health, and nutrition throughout every precious stage of life!
We Make It Easy
Submit your new patient paperwork right from home and not have to spend time filling out paperwork that contains information we now store digitally. Spend less time in the waiting room. Start Now!
Therapy Right From Your Home
You don’t have to spend the time and gas driving into the clinic several times a week, when you can now get an enhanced therapy session from the convenience of your home computer.

Why Choose Us

      • Three clinic locations serving the needs of the greater Orlando area
      • More than 15 years of experience working with infants, children, adults, and seniors
      • We work with a wide variety of insurance carriers (including Medicaid) to make sure you’re covered.
      • Fully certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA)
      • We offer cutting edge therapy methods like E-Stim and Voice Therapy.

What Clients Say

I am seeing a huge improvement in Abigail’s speech. I’m thrilled.
I am excited to start work again after my stroke. Your therapy services really made a difference.
She (the Speech-Language Pathologist) arrived on time for every scheduled appointment. She worked diligently during the session on building a rapport with my son and helping him master the sounds he was having difficulty with.
Your care for your Patients really shines through. Thank you for being so patient with me.
She (The SLP) is always professional and on-time.
She (the Speech-Language Pathologist) communicated effectively with all of us and in a short time my son was able to pronounce these sounds with little difficulty.
Thank you for all of your care and hardwork. You really know your stuff!
I have noticed a difference in Mom’s speech. Thanks for everything you are doing.
My daughter’s speech has improved by leaps and bounds. Thank you for your patience with her and support. -K.H.
She (the Speech-Language Pathologist) utilized different teaching tools to keep him engaged and focused.




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